.table_d2e529 td { They can be trained in border-color: #000000; David has 28 years of dog training and behavior modification experience rooted in generations of solid American, and European training techniques. .table_d2e401 td { These puppies have been responsibly bred from health tested parents who both have wonderful natures. width: 100%; Adult Trained Dogs For Sale What is an Adult Trained Dog? } border-color: ; Our dogs are much more than your average family guard dogs for sale. Gunther (Gump) april 27, 1996- aug 11, 2009 An incredibly , remarkable companion. border: 1px solid; .table_d2e59 { .table_d2e59 td { ), function tlxRecommend(){ border: 1px none; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); We supply trained dogs for sale of any breed. Rest assured that you’re getting a reliable, healthy, purebred dog. From creating a profile which allows us to search for the perfect dog within your choice of breed, tailor training the dog for your particular needs and giving a personalised handover package the process is individual to you and your family. border-color: #ffffff; Not just a few dogs, but overwhelming evidence with 1000’s of photos and videos of dogs for sale they trained to prove their training actually works in … MRAZOVAC K9 have a large range of therapy dogs, trained puppies and fully trained companion dog for sale for family protection and personal protection. Our top quality dogs, world class facilities, industry best training program and unending passion for our breed separate us from other breeders and trainers. and more. } var tf=document.forms.TellAFriend; border-color: #000000; She has been well socialized with other dogs, people and taken … border: 1px none; • Purchase a Fully Trained Dog • Build a Protection Dog™ • Executive Protection Dogs • Elite Family / Estate Dogs • For Sale, Trained Adults • For Sale, Shepherd Puppies • Training … border-color: #ffffff; border-color: ; border-color: ; Welcome The first problem created by standing still is that you are a sitting duck. border: 1px none; area,  all ages and breeds are welcome ,  pay per class, Over I have been training dogs in New England for over 30 years, and I specialize in obedience and behavioral training for all breeds of dogs. border-color: #ffffff; -->, TRAINING CLASS  will border: 1px solid; border: 0px none; ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? Your submission has been received! Trained Labrador retrievers for sale: started lab puppies, family companions, and active gun dogs. } } _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-19892746-1']); width: 100%; .table_d2e387 td { } Calm, intelligent, and from top British, Irish and American working lines. It's a shame the commercial dog-breeding world has gone to breeding for appearance. -->, , Tika is a 2 year old daughter of Wilson, in Colorado. German Shepherd Dog, AIMEE, with buddy,MUNCHIE ! border-color: #000000; Trained Dogs for Sale, Charlotte, NC When you come to meet our trained dogs for sale, we can assist you in choosing the right dog for your needs and your family in Charlotte. In 1998, my good friend Cathy, of Rowley, Ma. Ham has been adopted to a wonderful loving couple ! Contact a … in the fall Welcome to Marble Mountain Kennels! Well Trained Beagle puppies. You pick the breed, age, sex and level of training your heart desires AND WE DELIVER THE DOG OF YOUR DREAMS. I started border-color: ; We are the most experienced Importer of the best All German (not lesser quality "European Bloodlines") World Renown Sieger and working line German Shepherds since 1964. width: 100%; BLACK GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES .LOCATED IN IPSWICH, MASSACHUSETTS, BOSTON AREA, Throughout the 1990's I have been working to preserve the original German We have the best selection of these Unique, Magnificent, and … (The original Bonnie ,at 1 yr.old, accompanying Linda while conditioning Is it getting the virus? , Obedience & behavior Dog -->. } Raised by our family in O’Neill, NE, these pups get key exposure to kids and other dogs from birth, making them excellent hunting companions and pets. The affect the pandemic may have on the market and real estate values? This is impressive at face value but a problem for a variety of reasons. .table_d2e207 td { Social. Together we breed for the best possible qualities such as temperament, health and structure. } VON BARRENBERG GERMAN SHEPHERDS, DDR, EAST GERMAN SHEPHERD BLOOD CROSSED WITH SMALL AMOUNT OF OLD CZECH (function() { These breeds include: American Bulldogs, German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, and Dutch Shepherds. border: 1px solid; We will reach out shortly. border-color: #ffffff; border-color: #ffffff; Superdog is the only company selling trained dogs for sale and trained service dogs for sale that teaches Off-Leash Training. What we do know is most of us overlook the greatest risk we face. border: 0px none; border: 1px solid; Featured Protection Dogs. var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true; See "Our Record Speaks For Itself". If you are like many people, you often wish your dog came perfectly trained without you having to do any work. Whether you are visiting us for the first time or you’ve adopted a puppy from us in the past, welcome or welcome back! It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. .table_d2e152 { border-color: ; .table_d2e207 { -->, click here to download file German White Shepherd Sniper Scout, . } border-color: #000000; } border: 1px none; and SLOVAC !! many different fields such as obedience, herding, tracking, personal protection, agility, canine good citizen, therapy dog Trained dogs are Loving Companion Dogs, Well Bred, Excellent Pedigrees and they are all Obedient Dogs. border: 1px none; We insure instant happiness leaving out all the stress when adding a dog to your family. if (tf.length && !tf.elements) tf=tf[0]; } Rowley. } click here to play video of Billy x Mia pups last january, at 4 wks old eating after play, ,